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woman getting her tooth extracted

Most people shudder when they hear they have to undergo a tooth extraction. The reality is, it's not a very painful procedure, despite the somewhat daunting description. What most people overlook is tooth extraction aftercare. You may not expect it, but there are a few nuances to taking care of your teeth after extraction that are important to your oral health. If you're planning on getting a tooth extraction in Delta, you should prepare for the right aftercare. Read on to find out more about what you need to do after you get your teeth extracted.

Importance of Tooth Extraction Let's first go over why you might need a tooth extraction in the first place. The most prominent reason is to remedy any impacted teeth and prevent any further damage. It's also done to get rid of severely damaged teeth. This might be because of decay or an incident where your tooth was heavily damaged. If you have crowded teeth, you might get your teeth extracted for other orthodontic procedures. If a tooth canal procedure can't get rid of an infection, extraction is often the next step. After your tooth extraction, your dentist should send you home with the right aftercare procedures. These are meant to boost your recovery and make sure it goes well. Let's go over some of those procedures. Proper Aftercare for Tooth Extractions Aftercare will usually depend on the type of extraction and which teeth were removed. You can expect recovery to take a couple weeks, but doing so requires following the right guidelines. Here are some important do's and don'ts when it comes to tooth extraction recovery: Do's Try to keep the gauze on the extraction site as instructed. Dentists generally provide you with gauze to stop the bleeding and start the clotting process. Make sure you keep away from touching any blood clots. You should also get plenty of rest and elevate your head while relaxing. Refrain from any taxing activities for at least a full day. As for food, you should go for liquid or soft foods, like yogurt, soup, and smoothies. This prevents less friction with your mouth. Don'ts If you're an avid smoker, don't smoke any cigarettes/vaping for at least 48 hours, since this can impede the clotting process. If you can, avoid using straws, as this can dislodge the clot as well. The same goes for spitting, which negatively affects the clot. Alcohol can affect the healing process, so try to stay away from that as much as possible. Hot liquids and carbonated beverages can also increase inflammation and impede the healing process, so avoid that as well. It goes without saying, but avoid solid foods for a little while since this can hamper your recovery time. Leverage Tooth Extraction in Delta Services While teeth extraction is a bit intimidating, you can get back to what you love most after following the proper aftercare guidelines. Use this article to help your dental health get back to tip-top shape after an extraction! Looking for "tooth extraction in Delta" on Google? Contact us today and we'll set you up for the right appointment as soon as possible!


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