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Root Canal Therapy


Root canal therapy is a procedure used by dentists across the world to save a natural tooth by removing the infection from the inner dental pulp. If performed on time, this procedure can prevent the need for tooth extraction and stop the infection from spreading, causing further damage. Most importantly, it is an immediate solution for the pain and discomfort caused by a tooth infection. At Nordel Dental Clinic, we are experienced dentists who take pride in providing dependable dental services to our clients. We have the know-how and equipment to perform root canals in Delta at our state-of-the-art clinic. 

Our compassionate team understands that the thought of a root canal procedure can be incredibly daunting. We provide you with all the information that you need to make an informative decision. When you walk through our doors, you'll be greeted by a warm and welcoming team, so you feel empowered to share your concerns. We will make the procedure a hassle-free experience for you. 

Please contact us if you'd like to know more about our root canal in Delta. Besides this, you can view our blog for more information. 




Unfortunately, this treatment has gained a negative reputation over the years. The procedure is not as complex or invasive as popular opinion would have you believe. In fact, root canal therapy at our Delta office is fairly straightforward and offers a range of benefits to our dental patients:

  • Relieves toothaches and other related discomforts: If you are experiencing teeth infection, in most cases endodontic treatment will be effective in irradicating the infection. Infections target the nerves of the teeth and the bone surrounding the roots of the teeth, which can lead to toothaches and a foul smell or taste in the mouth, fever, tenderness of the gums, and swelling. By removing the nerves of the teeth by using mechanical and chemical methods it ultimately eliminates the source of the infection and, thus, symptoms associated with it.

  • Prevents other teeth from moving out of place: A root canal is often performed in order to save a tooth from extraction. Missing teeth can affect your whole smile because, with gaps in your gum line, remaining natural teeth can move out of alignment with time and cause more dental health issues.

  • Improves the appearance of the infected tooth: Decaying or infected teeth can become cracked or darken, affecting the look of your smile. Performing a root canal treatment followed by placing a crown or filling to cover the hole made during the procedure can help restore aesthetics and functionality overall.

  • Enhances your overall dental health and well-being: Like any infection, an infected tooth can negatively affect your overall health. If left without treatment, bacteria can spread to surrounding teeth, gums and other areas of the body, causing more serious problems. Endodontic treatment is an excellent way to stop the spread of bacteria and maintain optimal oral health.



Our root canal treatment in Delta is incredibly straightforward. It can be carried out within one to three sessions, which involves the following steps:

  • Inspection: We will carry out a detailed examination of your teeth, dental health and dental history to determine whether or not a root canal is a suitable treatment option for you. 

  • Cleaning: We will clean the inside of the tooth by first placing a rubber dam and then making an access hole on the tooth surface into the nerves of the tooth. Our team will use small files and materials to remove the diseased and disinfect the tooth and dead pulp tissue.

  • Filling the canal: We will clean, shape and decontaminate the canal space followed by filling the tooth using an adhesive material and sealing the canal.

  • Adding a crown or filling: After the procedure, the tooth becomes more fragile. We might add a crown or filling to make the tooth more resistant to future cracks and fracturing.

Generally, we carry out the process in one appointment. However, more complicated cases, such as those that involve extensive infections, might require more sittings.




Root canal therapy can be performed in as little as one to two dental visits with minimal discomfort. Tenderness may be expected for a week or two after treatment as the tooth and bone surrounding the tooth heals from the infection. However, severe pain or swelling is not normal. Should you experience either, contact our office immediately. Although not common, if the therapy does not work, then the tooth may require a second root canal treatment (retreatment) or be extracted to get rid of the infection. At Nordel Dental Clinic in Delta, we will only offer to extract your teeth if absolutely necessary and all other options have been exhuasted.




The following are commonly asked questions about our root canal treatment:

  • What Is Root Canal Treatment?
    As we've mentioned above, root canal treatment is a dental procedure that treats tooth infections by eliminating the nerve, blood supply and bacteria that are at the centre of the tooth. The infection is brought on by bacteria that reside in your mouth and invade your tooth after: Trauma to the tooth Leaky fillings Tooth decay This is an procedure that can relieve your pain, swelling and discomfort in one setting. Most importantly, it can save your natural tooth from an extraction. This provides you with: Proper chewing Protection of other teeth from excessive strain Normal biting force Natural appearance
  • What Causes the Need for Root Canal Treatment?
    The pulp in your teeth includes soft tissue that also has nerves and blood vessels. If the pulp is infected by bacteria, it begins to die. The bacteria grows, which leads to an extensive infection. At this point, the need for a root canal arises. The bacteria passes out through the root canal, which causes severe pain and tenderness. If left untreated, more bacteria continue to pass through the root canal which makes the tissue around the tooth swollen and red. All of this contributes to extreme pain and discomfort. In severe cases, the patient's face might become swollen.
  • How Do I Know That I Require a Root Canal?
    Root canal therapy is only needed when the soft tissue at the centre of the tooth is damaged by a bacterial infection or trauma. The symptoms might include: Pain when consuming hot and cold liquids and foods Pain when chewing and biting Loose tooth Over time, the infection worsens. It might appear that the tooth has recovered, but, in reality, the infection has spread to the root canal system. This causes: Swelling of gums around infected tooth Pus oozing from tooth Darkening of tooth Facial swelling Severe toothache, swelling and discomfort aren't normal under most circumstances. It is crucial that you visit a dentist if you notice any of these symptoms. We have years of experience in handling root canal cases and will provide you with effective solutions.
  • Is Root Canal Treatment Incredibly Painful?
    You will not experience any pain and discomfort during the root canal procedure because we will anesthetize (numb) the area. Some pain might be experienced after the treatment is over, but it is generally bearable. We're always available to help you with recovery and provide you with all the information that you need to take care of your tooth after the procedure. Not only that, but we also offer emergency dentistry services. Please contact us if you have any more questions about our root canal in Delta.

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If you have teeth infection or gum inflammation, contact Nordel Dental Clinic in Delta for a diagnostic exam, you may require root canal therapy. Our team can discuss your options and create a treatment plan that works for you. Root canal therapy is available for patients of all ages. Contact us to book your consultation.



Our root canal in Delta will restore your comfort and save your natural tooth.

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