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Nordel Dental Clinic - Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure at our clinic in Delta. It’s a quick, non-invasive way to enhance your smile and restore your confidence.

It’s so popular because it simply works well. Whether you whiten your teeth with an at-home kit or an hour-long session at the dentist’s office, virtually everyone will see a moderate to significant improvement in the colour of their teeth. However, it’s important to remember that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution to discolouration. Periodic touch-ups will be necessary to maintain the effect. WHAT CAUSES TOOTH STAINS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Yellow stains accumulate for many reasons but are predominately caused over time by the things we eat and drink. The most common culprits are:

  • Smoking tobacco

  • Cola

  • Red wine

  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • Acidic foods

  • Dark coloured foods

Yellowing of the teeth is also caused by tartar build-up, weak tooth enamel, and aging. The bad news is it’s hard to avoid completely. The good news is that it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to get the pearly whites you long for.


There are two main options when it comes to removing stains from your teeth: bleaching or whitening. “Bleaching” applies to products that contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which are capable of whitening beyond the tooth’s natural colour. These products whiten teeth deep below the tooth’s surface. There are many ways to have teeth bleaching done. At our dental clinic in Delta, we use strips, gels, pens or laser whitening techniques. “Whitening” refers to removing stains on the surface of the tooth. Any product that cleans teeth, such as toothpaste, is technically a whitener. The term whitening tends to be more appealing than bleaching, so it’s often used even when products contain bleach.


Most people want to know how to extend the longevity of their newly whitened teeth. Here are a few ways you can keep your teeth looking great.

  • Avoid eating dark foods and drinking dark beverages for at least one week after whitening.

  • Whenever possible, sip dark-coloured beverages through a straw.

  • Brush after meals and at bedtime, floss once a day.

  • Begin a whitening maintenance schedule at home using whitening toothpaste.

  • Get the whitening touched up at least once a year.


At Nordel Dental Clinic, nothing pleases us more than seeing a patient leave the office with a bright, confident smile. If you’re looking for a dental clinic in Delta, we welcome new patients regularly. Not all teeth whitening treatments are suitable for every circumstance or budget. Let us help you find one that works for you! Contact us today to book an appointment! Return to Blog Page

Teeth Whitening Options


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